So this daily blog ended up being not so daily! Totally forgot about it. Amazed I still have followers. Sorry guys!

Everything Isn’t What It Seems.


Your friends can be your greatest enemies, choose wisely.

I’m telling you

I may not be good at math or science or poetry but oh man, am I good at fucking everything up and leaving when things get too hard.

I’m sorry.

All too often we write our stories in black ink only to let the ink drip onto all those we touch. I cannot imagine how many I have stained.

i am bad today

trace the contours of my ugly body and make me feel beautiful.

the tide comes in when im with you.

shallow is ugly.

not me, never you.

Stop texting me

One of these days you’re going to be looking for me and I’ll be far gone.

I found these the other day. I’m still sorry.

You’ll never know

My feelings for you are bigger than this fucking nebula.